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This section has been made to guide and provide you information about Student Loan, Student Loan Consolidation Program, Student Loan Consolidation Services. It covers various types of Loans available, may be it a Federal Student Loan, College Student loan, International Student Loan or Private Student Loan, and information from Student Loan Refinancing to Student Loan Corporation. In Today's World, education has become a costly affair, which makes student loan a neccesity for many students. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding Student Loan.


Mainly, there are two basic types of Student Loans: Federal Student Loan and Private Student Loan. As the cost of education is increasing, these educational student loans will help Students and their Parents in the form of Financial Aid to them to face high education costs. This section provides helpful Student loan assistance.

Federal Student Loan:

The federal government provides federal student loan in the for of financial aid to meet educational costs of students. These federal student loans are to be repaid, with interest after completion of education. Students get most of these federal loans when they apply for financial aid to FAFSA ( Free Application for Federal Student Aid ). The Federal Government is the largest provider of the financial aid to students.

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International Student Loan:

International Student Loans are provided to those students which belong to some other country and want to study in other country. This section of our site provides information on student loan for international students. To study abroad, international student loan provides financial assistance to students as it helps international students to afford their costs. One can take International Loan to study from home country to foreign country to study abroad or one can take international student loan from foreign country in which the student has come for studying from another country.

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Alternative or Private Student Loan:

Private loans or alternative loans are those loans which are not provided by government body but by private lenders. These alternative loans or private student loans are helpful when the loans or financial aid provided by federal loans are not sufficient to meet the costs of education like tuition fee, boarding, supply, books etc. Private loan lenders charge interest on these alternative loans on competitive rates and provide different repayment options.

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