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Resume Example

Resume Examples by profession, Resume Tips for effective Resume Writing, Resume Format to make a Resume look perfect !

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Resume is a document that speaks about You, and tells why an Employer should choose You for a job interview. Resume is reviewed before the job interview, so it is a reflection of yours as an ideal employee with desired qualification and experience.

Some people stuff their resume with too much information, while others mention the specific information, but in an unorganized manner. So, it is very important to know the art of writing a good resume. Resume Service and examples are available for Resume Help.

What it needs to make a Good Resume:

-What Abilities You Possess, What Qualities You Have, and Your Achievements in Professional terms.
-Your Previous Jobs, your Academic and Professional Qualification, etc in a chronological order (based on time period).

We shall discuss above points in Resume Format and Resume Examples Sections also.


Below are the tips to build a quality Curriculum Vitae:

  • Use a Good A-4 Size paper.
  • Use same Paper for Cover Letter also.
  • Do not Fold your Resume sheets.
  • Use the same Size Envelope, prefer White colored Envelope.
  • Use Simple font of size 12 Points.
  • Do not use more than two font styles in your Resume.
  • Do not use any Symbol or Logo on the top of your Resume. You might think it looks attractive but it does not look professional that way.
  • A Resume typically should be restricted to a page without any irrelevant details.
  • Make sure you personalize your objective for each Organization, e.g. AIR HOSTESS WITH SINGAPORE AIRLINES, MARKETING EXECUTIVE WITH IBM CORP, etc.
  • A Cover letter should be personalized to specific Organization, you wish to apply for.
  • Do not list References, write instead that they are available on request. List the References only if specifically asked.
  • Look for the Employer's needs. Portray Yourself as a Solution to their needs in your resume.
  • Write Your Professional Qualifications and Knowledge first as this section tells the Employer about your Job skills.
  • Then List your Academic Qualifications in chronological order, starting with recent Qualification to Previous ones. You may write your Qualification in order of Relevance, if Your Educational Background is not directly related to Your Job Skills.
  • Write Your Experience in terms of Quantity if possible. Mention time Period of Work, How well you performed, Achievements in your performance, highlights o your Career graph.
  • Use P-A-R Technique for stating your Experience. Mention Problem-Action-Result in your previous Employment. What were your responsibilities, How You executed your Responsibilities and What Results You Achieved. This Really impresses the Employer !
  • Get You Resume Reviewed by a Friend. This will help you to get feedback on the language and content of your Resume.
  • Check for the Spelling Errors, Grammatical Mistakes, Punctuation Problems, Alignment etc.



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