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Many People make the mistake of resigning the wrong way. The months and years of effort and dedication you have put in your current job should not be destroyed in one single moment when you resign. The goodwill you have built with colleagues and superiors should always remain good. Resigning incorrectly may trouble you in future. Your improper reaction may be considered as a negative trait of your personality.

So, in order to save your Personal and Professional Reputation, leave the company in such a way that your previous employer and colleagues should remember you for your charming Personality and a great Character. Below, We discuss what to consider while putting a Resignation Letter.

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resign letter

World has shrunk into a global village, smaller and easier to access. You might end up meeting same people in cross-roads of your career. So, never leave your job in sour terms. Your Resignation announcement should not affect your personal and professional relations at any point in time.

Your organization might have treated you unfairly, but display your cool and composed nature as its in your benefit. Don't use the letter of resignation for venting out your hard feelings for the company. Fill the Resignation Form very politely.

Things to consider before you Resign from Job :

1. Resignation Policy : Many Companies don't like to keep the employees as soon as they have submitted the Resignation Letter. And some companies would react critically to your decision, while some will try convincing you to their level best. So, Check out through your colleagues about the resignation policy of your company.

2. Legal Rights of an Employee : If your Severance pay, unemployment benefits, stock options, and all other kinds of compensation are there, you should not forget to take it as you serve the resignation notice.

3. Prepare in Advance for Resignation : Many Companies won't allow access to their operations area, your computer, your files, your email etc once you put your papers. So, make sure to clean up ny objectionable personal stuff fro your desk or computer before you resign, else the employer may find a reason to block your compensation.

4. Handling a Counter Offer : Don't tell your employer that the XYZ company has offered you better pay package and you may continue to work if a counter offer is given. Its unprofessional. There are a few chances that your employer will negotiate for a better salary for you, but the implications of your action will raise question on:
- Your Loyalty to the company.
- Your Attitude towards your job.
- Your decision making capability.

Majority of employees who accept the counter offers are either voluntarily leaving or being dismissed by the organization after around six months. This is purely because of the question on your accountability to the company.

So, rule of the Game is simple: Either Stick to the Company or just move on without looking back... !

resignation letter

Other Sections on our site offer you Sample Resignation Letter, and Tips on Writing a Resignation Letter. Don't miss out on checking our Resignation Letter Example which tells you the proper way for your Resignation Notice and Resignation Announcement. The best way is to use our Resignation Letter Template which tells you the Resignation Letter Format for your Resign letter.



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