Job Interviews are the test to examine if a candidate is suitable for the Job. Interview skills are must to get success
in Interview. Interview tips provided on this website will help you a great deal. We also have Interview Questions for the
recruiters and also the Interview Answers for the person appearing for Interview. We have covered both good and common
interview questions answers that will assist you for phone interviews also. It is suggested to follow up with thank you letters.
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We have a lot of help and advice on Job Interview Tips and Techniques. Most People who are appearing for Job Interviews look for mock Job Interview Questions. So, we have published much information of Job Interview Questions and answers. Know what is required for a successful Job Interview in various sections of our site.


Interview Skill

A Perfect Job is what Everyone is looking for. But Hey ! Are you Ready for a Perfect Interview. See Below what can Help you to deliver your Best in an Interview:

  1. Reach the Interview place atleast 30 minutes in advance. Sit in waiting room / wash your face and hands, check your combing, makeup, dress in loo.
  2. If u don’t find a comfortable or a good loo or waiting room, go to nearby hotel or restaurant and relax there.
  3. Carry water with you and have a glass of water before appearing in interview.
  4. No chewing of gum at the time of Interview, but check if you have a bad breath. Chew a Gum or Mouth freshener and spit.
  5. Clean your nose before entering the interview chamber.
  6. If you feel right, knock the door and ask, “May I come in, please,” and after hearing “yes” enter.
  7. Check before entering your mobile phone is on silent mode or Switched Off.
  8. Wish Good Morning or whatever. Sit after you are asked to sit and say Thank You.
  9. Do not keep your hands on the table or any of your belongings on the table.
  10. Put your bag / brief case on the floor near your right foot.
  11. Maintain a balance in your pose and posture.
  12. No aa, aa, ey, ey, or crack in your voice. Reply clear cut and to the point.
  13. No nervousness or down heartedness in the interview room.
  14. Let the questions be completed then think and then speak the answers.
  15. No stretching/ extending of hands while answering the questions.
  16. Have a smiling face, but don’t laugh there.
  17. Be attentive there and have a direct eye contact with the interviewers.
  18. If not getting the questions etc., say “Pardon”
  19. If don’t know the answers or are ignorant simply say “Sorry, I don't know" or "Sorry, I am not sure about it".
  20. Don’t show that you are in need of employment. Job will be offered to you if you are able.
  21. Don’t touch your mouth, cheeks or fingers, your hair or itch your body parts. Oops, control your hands.
  22. Smoking is bad habit and if still you do, don’t carry cigarette box with you and see your breath is free of smoke.
  23. Don’t eat onion, garlic or any thing heavy on that day.
  24. Don’t drink carbonated beverages etc.
  25. Avoid Farts.
  26. Don’t argue or enter into controversies.
  27. Don’t tell lie or give false statements, otherwise it will be difficult to manage the situations.
  28. Be calm, don’t show gestures, reactions etc.
  29. If they are asking you embarrassing or confusing questions, let them check your temperament and don’t allow your confidence shattered.
  30. When finished, say “Thank you”.
  31. Don’t take the initiative to shake hands yourself. If they do, then you must respond with soft and firm hand shake.

Remember a million dollar suggestion while appearing for interview. Your skills should not become a ego for you. You can use your skills either to feed your ego or to feed your family. You must have a pride of skills but not an ego. Pride is when you say I am great and Ego is when you say I am greatest.


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