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When a student prepares himself to appear in an examination, he tries to understand and memorize the contents of entire syllabus that he has studied, but at the same time, he also looks for clue for likely questions to be asked in the ensuing examination. He finds this clue on the basis of questions asked in the examination of earlier years. This is true for selection tests, competitive examinations, etc. This is true for interview also but with one difference. While clue for expected questions in examination or tests is derived on the basis of well-defined syllabus, no such clue is available in the case of an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions About

about your experience in this type of job
admission in institute
admission in other institute
about hobbies and interests
about your own confidence
accomodate last minute change
assignment of challenging job
assignment on analytical ability
attitude towards life
comparison between confidence arrogance
decisionmaking on contentious issues
define dream job
definition of selfconfidence
definition of success
example of improvement
example of your analytical ability
gaps in resume
how you analyze
how you handle situations against you
how you motivate team members
hurdles in ambitious goals
if job is not offered
if your interview named terrible
important accomplishment
inefficient planning case
involvement of others immediate decision making
leadership styles
longterm career goal
narration immediate decision making
on facing dismissal
on factors to boost morale
on how you evaluate your team members
on how you give feedback

on immediate decision making
on ineffective logical approach
on obeying orders to do unethical things
on other's errors
on stress coping strategies
on task priority organization
on thinking of new idea
on tight work schedule
on trying new ways on whether you can compromise on values
on whether you can do unethical practise
on which task first
on your belief as a mentor
on your changing style
on your criticism
on your judgement about pattern
on your own values
opinion about others dress
planning organizing project
tell something about you
threats from colleagues
what motivates you
when less information available
when others need you
when your emotions involved
when your expectations are not met
whether you feel risk praising team members
whether you praise team members
why job in their organisation
why to select you
you an optimistic or pessimistic
your attitude towards work
your friends opinion
your improvement competence-wise
your initiative in your improvement
your justification about your confidence
yourself as self-starter
assuring of other person's understanding
describe your present job
difference in present and this job
do you change job frequently
do you honor your commitments with others
do you like your present job
duration of your stay
establishing rapport
example of negotiation
explaining complex technical issue
faq on informal aspect
fixing target and resistance price
frequently asked questions in interviews
handling delicate communication
how you negotiate
how you treat people
importance of team building
lmprasad author interview pages
making others interested to listen
on offer from competitor with higher salary
on your business attitude
on your managerial attitude
plans after mba
for experienced cadidates
in admission interview
on analytical ability
on attitude
on behavioral aspect
on communication skills
on confidence
on creativity
on decision making skills
on informal aspect
on initiative
on interpersonal skills
on judgement
on leadership
on management ability
on motivation
on negotiation skills
on organizational skills
on stresscoping skills
on value system
Sequence of questions in interviews
skills used to influence negotiation
survival of fittest or most cooperative
toughest job you had
typical day in present job
what makes a person likable
when others disagree
why leaving present job
why want admission in mba

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Further, questions which are asked in an interview which is conducted after screening the candidates in selection examination/test differ widely from the questions which are asked in an interview where no such screening has taken place. In the case of former type of interview, more emphasis is placed on questions related to behavioral aspect of the candidates while in the case of latter type of interview, more emphasis is placed on technical aspect. It does not, however, mean that in the former type of interview, technical questions are not asked; these are asked.

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