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is the process of authorizing a foreign national to live and work permanently in another country. There is a multi-step process to immigrate to another country based on the fact that a person has a permanent employment opportunity in that country. Immigration can also be a sponsored one. For example, an employer can sponsor the employee to work permanently in the other country.

US Immigration:

US Immigration or Naturalization is the process of obtaining permanent resident status in USA. It includes the steps for obtaining the green card to live and work permanently in the United States. Naturalization entitles a person to avail the benefits of the US Citizenship. The US visa can be for short period or long period, for staying, study purpose or for a tourist visit etc.The US Visa can be obtained directly from US immigration department or with the help of private immigration or naturalization service.

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Canada Immigration :

Canada is a large country with many cities and communities. Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories, each with different weather, geography, cultures and job opportunities. Every year Canadian government provides immigration to many persons. It enables individual to acquire citizenship of Canada the status of permanent resident in canada. There are different programs under Canadian immigration through which one can obtain immigration of Canada. This section of the website will help you in giving information on Canadian citizenship, Canadian immigration laws, Canada immigration Visa etc.

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UK Immigration:

The UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is an great UK immigration category for those who possess most sought-after skills in various professions.

Following are the criteria for eligibility to immigrate to UK through HSMP Programme:

-Age Factor : For a person who wishes to migrate to UK, the Policies and Procedures differ in case the Person is more than 28 years of Age, or less than 28 years of Age.

-Level of Work Experience: The more the work experience, the more the HSMP Points you earn for yourself !

-Past Income: The higher the salary of your in last 12 months before immigration is applied for, the more HSMP Points you earn ! The Higher Salary term means a Higher Salary Package relative to other people of the same country.

-Past Achievements in Profession: If you possess any special achievement in your professional field, the more benefit you will get in terms of HSMP Points.

-Immigration of Spouse or Partner with High Skills: If you bring along your highly skilled spouse or partner to UK, then more HSMP Points you will earn.

Australia Immigration:

Australian Skilled Immigration Program is a great opportunity for skilled Professional who can use their qualification, work experience and language proficiency to immigrate to Australia with great ease. Professional Business owners, Senior Executives and People with close family members in Australia also qualify to immigrate to Australia. Apart from meeting the basic immigration requirements, you must pass the points test.

Following are the other Categories which Qualify a person to immigrate to Australia:

-Skilled Independent Regional applicants

-Independent applicants

-Skilled Migrant - Designated Area Family Sponsored Visa

-Skill matching

-State Territory Nominated Independent

-Independent 0verseas Student

-Onshore Skilled Graduate Student Australian Family Sponsored Visa

-Skilled Graduate Student Regional (Designated Area) Family Sponsored Migration Visa

-Independent Skilled New Zealand Citizen Migration Visa

-Skilled New Zealand Citizen - Australian Family Sponsored Visa

-Skilled New Zealand Citizen - Regional (Designated Area) Family Sponsored Visa

-Labor Agreement Migration Visa

Categories for Skilled-Sponsored Professional:

-Australian sponsored

-Designated Area sponsored

-Australian sponsored and Designated Area sponsored overseas Student

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