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CENTRAL RESERVE POLICE FORCE (CRPF): The main responsibility assigned to the CRPF is maintenance of internal security and enforcement of law and order. The CRPF often assists and supports other protective agencies also e.g. the CISF, BSF, Coast Guard in the execution of their duties. During floods, riots and terrorist activities CRPF personnel provide relief and rescue services. The CRPF follows a hierarchical structure. Senior most in command is the Director General who has Inspector Generals, Deputy Inspector Generals, Commandants, Deputy Commandants, Assistant Commandants. The other posts are of sub-Inspectors and constables who form a major part of this force.

BORDER SECURITY FORCE (BSF): This force was constituted in 1965 in India to keep an eye on the extensive national boundaries for security of the border regions as well as to control any activities which could threaten our defence structure. Its task is to secure borders which have mountainous terrains, deserts and long coastal stretches. BSF has three operational arms – the General duty branch, the technical branch and the medical branch.

INDO TIBETAN BORDER POLICE (ITBP): The Indo Tibetan Border Police force patrol the Himalayan ranges which border India and China. The Tibetan border is guarded against infiltration and smuggling and this force is trained to patrol these mountain ranges.

CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SECURITY FORCE (CISF): CISF under the ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for providing security to industrial establishments. In accordance with the 1984 Factory Act, industries with 250 workers need to have security staff to prevent sabotage, fire and other industrial hazards. The CISF provides security to public sector undertakings and its staff checks thefts, pilferage and keep vigil against espionage. They are trained to handle industrial emergencies. At the head of the organization is the Inspector General followed by DIGs, Commandants, Asstt. Commandants, Inspectors, Sub-inspectors, Security Guards.

POLICE FORCE: Every state appoints and maintains a police force for prevention of crime, maintenance and enforcement of law and order in the state.

TERRITORIAL ARMY is also a force for National Defence, Recruitment and training is conducted under the aegis of Additional Directorate General, TA, Army headquarters, L Block, New Delhi – 1. Officers commissioned in TA may be called for military service when required.

FIND JOB GUARD FORCE was constituted to supplement the police force as a standby force during emergencies and to assist in maintaining law and order, manage traffic in cities etc. They enjoy privileges similar to police services.

FIRE BRIGADE FORCE: Another protective service is the Fire Brigade Service. Fire Brigades are stationed at all towns / cities / industrial townships, airports, ports etc. The major task is fire fighting though fire brigade also help during flood, earth quake and other emergencies in rescue operations.

COAST GUARDS have the following operational branches: General Duty Branch, Pilot/Navigator branch, Engineering Branch, Electrical Branch, They protect the maritime and other national interests in the Maritime zones of India. They ensure the safety and protection of artificial islands, off-shore terminals, installations and other structures and devices in the maritime zones. They also provide measures for the safety of life and property at sea and collection of scientific data and much more.

BORDER ROADS ORGANISATION (BRO) work in remote inaccessible, economically backward tribal areas, high snow clad mountains, thick forests, deserts often under adverse situations. The officers in Border Road Organisation fall in the following three categories:
(a)Civil & Mechanical Engineers (b) Administrative Cadre (c) Medical cadre


CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (CBI): was started in 1941 as the special police establishment to investigate cases of corruption elsewhere and in the material supply department of the Government of India during the Second World War. The CBI has at present acquired a multi dimensional role covering the investigation in major field of crime on the high seas, the serious organized and professional crimes including economic offences.

INVESTIGATION BUREAU (IB) created by an executive order, has no legal powers to investigate. It is primarily concerned with analysis of information.

RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS WING (RAW) was part of investigation bureau till 1968 but presently it is engaged only in Research and Analysis. It has an internal intelligence section and the counter intelligence section.

PRIVATE DETECTIVES offer investigative and protective services to clients. Private Detectives handle cases concerning family disputes, domestic violence, industrial espionage, fraud, theft, divorce and cheating etc. The job entails trailing, photographing and video recording, questioning, collecting and following up evidence to establish the findings and then reporting.




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