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ADVERTISING is in demand and moreover, its a great paying career. The working hours are long though, but the individual growth is infinite. The talented people reach the Top very quickly.. The clients of this industry are called Accounts. In Advertising industry, the following career options are available:

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES represent their ad agency to the clients. They understand the requirements of clients. Before a campaign is launched research on client’s business methods, the product to be advertised is made. The Account Executives motivate, guide and coordinates the activities so that the results delivered are up to the level of client’s satisfaction.

ACCOUNT PLANNER / DIRECTOR is the min planning executive working in partnership with the client on long term account planning. He knows what is happening in the market place, the attitude of the consumer towards the client’s as well as his competitor’s brands.

CREATIVE COPYWRITER AND ART DIRECTOR: The real ad is created by the creative team. Copywriting and visual art work go hand in hand and this is the work which goes on in the agency’s creative department. Copywriting is providing words which are read or herd in advertisements. This may include slogans, jingles or detailed text for catalogues, brochures, leaflets and journals. Copywriting also takes the form of scripts for television and film commercial advertisement.

PRODUCTION TEAM: The advertisement agencies usually have their production team consisting of Photographers, Printers, Typesetters, Television Producers etc.

MEDIA EXECUTIVES place the advertisements where they will be seen by the right target audience keeping the budget in mind. They plan, research and buy space in the press or time for commercial radio and television.

INTERNET ADVERTISING has changed the people approach towards the target audience. The advance technologies used on net help surfer choose to see the advertisements of his choice, unlike in the print and television media, where the advertisements are stacked together.


PUBLIC RELATIONS has emerged from a simple operation of corporate publicity to a broad based management function. The difference between Public Relations and Advertising lies in the coverage. Both are about changing people’s perceptions about a product or service. Advertising is specific and uses purchased space or time, while Public Relations informs specific audiences through various channels about the new concept. Public Relations professional work in offices with adequate secretarial help. The job demands considerable business liason and entertainment.

MARKET RESEARCH involves data collection and data interpretation required for analysis and prediction for guiding business and related decisions. Research is conducted for assessing consumer opinion related to brand name, trade mark, product design, packaging etc. It involves project planning, questionnaire designing, field interviews, statistical interpretation, analysis and geographical information.


EVENT MANAGEMENT company work with three major departments viz. operations, research and strategic panning and marketing. Research and strategy involves a deep understanding of the brand or product that has to be launched. Travel, working with different groups for services at multiple levels makes the work environment varied. Event management is still a highly unorganized sector and hence you won’t see many advertisement for recruiting fresher. Approaching agencies in the town may be a good idea. It is tough initially to get a break through, but once in, it all depends how well you adapt to the challenges of this very exciting industry.


Retail marketing unlike the traditional family run stores has the classic 4 Ps, product, promotion, price and place. Today retail organisations require people across diverse functional areas such as sourcing, merchandising, product development, supply chain management, store operations and marketing, manufacturing, finance, HR and IT operations as part of the sport services. This sector needs young, dynamic, creative, educated and skilled people. A pleasing and outgoing personality; good analytical skills; patient; persuasive and extrovert are integral components of a retailer.




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