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Industrial Design refers to an activity that has to do with products and objects that are used for practical functions. There are number of separate areas of a design. In two dimensional designs come Graphic design and Textile design, while three dimensional design include industrial design ,product design , furniture design , fashion design , jewellery design , interior , exhibition and theatre design etc. Designers usually specialize in one particular area of designing e.g. clothing , furniture , home appliances , industrial equipment , movie and theatre sets , packaging , floral arrangements , graphic design , computer aided design etc.

PRODUCT DESIGN: Product designers develop products for the industrial and consumer sector. They are trained in techno aesthetic detailing.

CERAMIC DESIGN: Ceramic designers design the ceramic products, tableware, sanitary ware and other such things for industrial use.

FURNITURE DESIGN: Furniture designers design the furniture for domestic and commercial use. They design all kind of furniture, viz. wooden, iron, metallic etc.

CRAFT DESIGN: Craft designers have knowledge of relevant handicraft and its manufacturing process e.g. firing, decorating, carving, inlaying, moulding, engraving and glazing. They design ceramics, jewellery, silverware, metalwork, pottery, glass and furniture.

AUTOMOBILE DESIGN: The Automobile designers work in two different areas, engineering area and appearance area. They do designing for Scooters, bikes, cars, buses and other automobiles. These people are employed by the Automobile Companies for their in-house designing facilities.


GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graphic design originated as a design for printing industry-books, posters, magazines, but has expanded to other areas and now includes photography, film, video, and all kind of visual communications. Graphic design is really the design of communication and has developed considerably from the days when it was known as commercial art. Graphic designer work with picture, print and patterns. They ‘lay out’ words pictures on pages for books and magazines. In advertisements, posters, sales brochures, product packaging. TV programme title sequences, and the sides of mobile vans. The aim of graphic design is to effectively communicate information through visual means. It is a broad heading covering a number of different disciplines. Typography is an essential element of all fields of graphic design. Specialized areas are lettering and calligraphy.

ANIMATION – Animation is based entirely on drawings which, when photographed, produced a three dimensional impression. It is san ability to capture, store, manipulate, transfer and display multiple media. The World of Animation Jobs in spreading like a wild fire. There are following Animation Job Options available:

GAME DESIGN JOBS - Gaming is a rapidly growing Industry. Be it Online Gaming or the traditional Electronic Gaming, People of all ages enjoy it. So, the Jobs in Gaming World are increasing day by day. Online Gaming Jobs are for the ones crazy about designing Computer Games, 3d games, and flash games.

3D ANIMATION JOBS - 3D Animation is gonna be the next best thing fter the Flash and the regular Cell Animation. 3D Animator Jobs are waiting for those who are madly in love with Virtual Gaming World, where Missiles crash and Bombs explode. Animator Salary is also a good Package.

MULTIMEDIA – Its the technology which combines video, sound, text, graphics, illustrations, photographs and animation in one single package is Multimedia. It has become the integral part of data communication, telecommunication, video communication, audio communication, gaming visual arts, publishing, entertainment, cinematography, photography and professional electronics. Most professions use multimedia application package today.
Fashion designers use it to try out their creations, corporate executive use multimedia in business presentation. Multimedia Production Jobs are getting popular with movies like Matrix, Da Vinci Code, Shaolin Soccer, etc.

The aspiring multimedia professionals can take up a Multimedia Course from some reputed quality Multimedia Institute. Arena Multimedia, Maya Acedemy are known names in Multimedia Training. Its a great Career with a Bright Future. So, Go Ahead ! Good Luck !




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