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It constitutes of the Infantry, Armoured tanks, Artillery, Engineers, Communication troops and other support troops who look after clothing, food, transportation, repair of equipments and give medical help.

INFANTRY has a number of regiments and forms almost ¼ th of the Army. It plays a major role during war and in the Army’s peace keeping tasks.

ARMOURED CORPS constituted by armoured regiments which destroy enemy tanks or are used in attacking the enemy.

ARTILLERY has two sub-divisions: first is air defence guns and missiles which are used for defending vulnerable targets from enemy air attack like air fields, vital defence installations, installation of economic and catastrophic importance such as dams, nuclear power houses etc. Second are the field guns, rockets and tactical missiles which are used for ground fire support to infantry or armoured regiment.

TECHNICAL BRANCH: Engineers, Signals, Electrical and Mechanical engineers (EME)

MEDICAL BRANCH: Army medical corps (AMC), Nursing Officers, Dental officers.

OTHER BRANCHES: Army service corps (ASC), Ordinance corps (AOC), Intelligence corps, Education corps, Postal services, Judge advocate general branch, Remount veterinary corps.


EXECUTIVE BRANCH: This is the operational branch of the Navy. Command of ships at sea can only be exercised by officers of executive branch. There are numerous opportunities in any of the three arms of the branch: (a) General Service (b) Aviation Arm (c) Submarine Arm. Executive Officers are both working and fighting during war from the ship. They are a vital part of the complex system that manages the ship and also uses the ship as an instrument of tactical warfare. They specialize in: Gunnery and missiles, Navigation and direction, Torpedo and anti-submarine warfare, Communications, Logistic Management, Hydrography, Armament inspection.

AVIATION: For those with a yearning for the skies, the Navy needs pilots and observers who act as airborne tactical coordinators of maritime warfare.


The major constituent of Air Force is the aircraft, both for defence and offence. The aircraft is complimented and supplemented by ground defence missiles. Hence the entire service is engaged in the flying of aircraft and the pilot is the key person in the organization.

. Fighters and fighter bombers
. Bombers
. Transport
. Helicopters

The engineers work in either of the two areas; one dealing with the aircraft and its weapon system are Aeronautical Engineers in Mechanical Branch. The others are Aeronautical Engineers in Electronic branch.


ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER is responsible for personnel management and administration of the Air Force bases and plays a vital role as a trained personnel manager for motivating the workforce to deliver a desired result.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL OFFICER provides control and advisory services in order to enable the pilots of military and civil aircrafts to conduct their flights with total safety in all weather conditions.

FIGHTER CONTROLLER is an important part of front line organization of air defence systems, to counter enemy threats from the air by using modern electronic counter-offensive equipment.

LOGISTICS BRANCH: A logistic officer is responsible for the logistic support in IAF. He is responsible for provisioning of aircraft spares, mechanical transport, fuel, armament and explosives, flying and other clothing items, rations and other items essential for day to day running of the organization and sustaining its manpower.

ACCOUNTS BRANCH: An accounts officer in the IAF is required to analyse the cost and fund requirements, monitor the expenditure and unit funds, plan and forecast the budgetary requirement of the Air Force. He functions as a financial controller with diversified activities where accounting functions play an important role not only in financial matters but also in the welfare and inter-personal relationships which have a direct bearing on the morale of Air Force.

EDUCATION BRANCH officers are mainly responsible for designing training programmes which incorporate the latest technological developments. In training institutions they teach a variety of subjects like Science, Computer technology, Military Science etc. AS an Education Officer at a station, he is responsible for guiding the personnel in furthering their academic qualifications.

METEOROLOGY BRANCH: Accurate weather forecasting is one of the important tools of success in any operation and for the IAF its importance needs no emphasis. A meteorology branch officer undertakes day to day scientific work in the Air Force, using the latest state-of-art technology.

MEDICAL AND DENTAL BRANCH: Air Force runs some hospitals and clinics where even Army and Navy personnel are entitled for treatment and vice versa. Officers from Army Medical Corps are seconded to Air Force.




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