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Information Technology Careers and Jobs are soaring high these days. Employment Opportunities in IT are almost unlimited. And Moreover, you can expect a Good Salary package in IT Jobs. Opportunities in IT include Computer Hardware Jobs, Application Programming Jobs,, Internet Jobs, Database Administration Jobs, EDP, ERP, Networking, WAP and Much More. This page Provides IT Job Offers and IT Job Description as well.


DESIGNING COMPUTERS: The Computer Hardware engineers are responsible for research, development and designing of Computer Technologies and they work on developing new designs and modifying earlier ones.

CHIP DESIGNING: Chips and processors are now used widely in most simple and complex electronic gadgets. Chip Designers are in demand for designing Chips for Appliances, mobile phones, dish washers and other Gadgets.

NETWORKING: Computer Networking Jobs are going great. Every Organization seeks Network Security, Network Monitoring. Network administration includes providing connectivity to the computers over a local or wide area network (LAN/WAN). design, build and maintain information networks, within or between organizations. Cicso certifies its trainees for network solutions as CCNA Professionals.

COMPUTER MANUFACTURE: Jobs in Manufacturing are from component assembly to testing and monitoring of the computers that are being manufactured.

MAINTAINENCE SERVICE: Maintenance service of computers is integral part of Computer industry. You can grow in this field to become a Service manager. Even the Entrepreneurial scope is quite large in Computer Maintainence.


Software jobs are related to the systems software and application software. Software Programming provide a good medium for entry level IT Jobs.

SYSTEM PROGRAMMER / SOFTWARE ENGINEER: Software Engineer researches, develops and adapts application programs for computer systems. Software Engineer Jobs are good paying Jobs.

SYSTEMS ANALYSTS understand and document the way in which an organization controls its work. This information is then used to determine which procedures can best be executed by computers.

APPLICATION PROGRAMMERS design and write specific programmes for particular tasks. These specific tasks and functions involve large systems which may be interlinked. Application Programmers work on briefs by systems analysts or designers and work together with them for part of a project as a team.

EDP MANAGER: EDP (Electronic Data Processing) manager is sometimes called the information system manager. EDP Job is to insure the smooth running of EDP department, so that users get accurate reports on time. He develops new software and identifies the areas that needs computerization and the necessary time frame and gets management approval.

ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP): ERP software is used for planning the resources of the entire worldwide network of an enterprise. Sales, service, marketing, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, finance, accounts etc. are integrated on one software backbone through ERP. ERP is a system solution for enterprise wide computing which combine resource planning and integration of all business function.

DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR is known as DBA. He designs the database and links them with programme, maintains and updates them online and takes backup. Database management is done by Webmaster himself. Database Adminitrator deals with managing of information. A very popular DBA database is the Relational database (RDBMS) used by major corporate and banks. SQL, Oracle are the languages that a DBA uses to manage Database.



WEBMASTER has to make sure that all the web servers are always up and running. He has to monitor the web traffic, do load-balancing and so on, and keep the website secure too. The persons proficient in UNIX, Win, NT and servers such as SQL server with lots of practical knowledge are best for the Webmasters Jobs

WEB DESIGNERS use creative graphic designs to make the portal attractive and user friendly. Web Designer Jobs include designing and editing Webpages with HTML, EditPus, DreamWeaver, Flash, Photoshop. Fine art Degree for a Web Designer is not mandatory, but preferred.

WEB MARKETING EXECUTIVE is with an MBA degree, or graduate with good marketing experience and working knowledge of internet.

SEO JOBS: Search Engine Optimization techniques are very hot these day. An SEO helps in positioning a Website to a better Search Engine Ranking.

CONTENT WRITER JOBS: Content Writing is an important task that focuses on writing relevent content for a website, and at the same time, using the Keywords for Search Engine Optimisation.


E-COMMERCE has evolved with the merging of computers and telecommunication technologies. E-commerce has generated world wide marketing and banking activities through Internet. The professionals in this field as called 'INFOMEDIARIES'.

E-FINANCE: Financial Business are done through Electronic Medium these days. Stock exchanges are online and enable investors and players to trade directly, the movement of finance from one country to another is done instantly. Monetary transactions processed electronically are referred to as E-finance.

M-COMMERCE: Time has come for the mobile users to access the World Wide Web or its components on the Mobile Phones. Mobile e-commerce is a high speed network.

WIRELESS APPLICATION PROTOCOL (WAP) is a set of communication protocols for Cell phones and radio transceivers for internet access. WAP has become as a highly demanded technology in the World of Computer Jobs.

CALL CENTRES are the growing at a fast pace in countries like India, where the work is outsourced to technical support officers or customer service executives who specialize in dealing with the particular queries of their customers. Caller Centres play a major role in BPO industry for providing Helpdesk Jobs.

MULTIMEDIA involves computing and audiovisual technologies to fuse video, audio, text, graphics, animation etc. in a meaningful way. All these are used to create a real life experience.

ONLINE EDUCATION is also known as e-learning. The virtual class room business is flourishing speedily, thus generating demand for Computer Careers.





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