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There are many Opportunities in News Jobs, it can be TV News Jobs and Newspaper Jobs. Also, the Editor Jobs are in huge demand. Freelance Editing Jobs are also available for those who are looking for Video Editing Jobs and Sound Editing Jobs. Video Production Jobs, Film Production Jobs and Television Production Jobs require very hard work but its a rewarding career. Those who are inclined towards Music can go for Music Industry Jobs. There are openings in Music Production Jobs, Music Publishing jobs in US and UK mainly. Acting Jobs are also very popular these days. Teens and Kids for Acting Jobs are also in huge demand.

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NEWS PAPER work consists of two basic areas viz. Field and Desk. Each field worker has got his own duty like coverage of political issues, law and order, sports, education, local issues and other topics.

Desk workers work in the offices, their Job Description is given Below:

EDITORS plan the contents of publication and supervise its preparation.

REPORTES AND CORRESPONDENTS prepare news story about the events related to local, state, national and international. The reporters known as CORROSPONDENTS are based at different cities and countries to cover the events and happenings of the specific areas.

SUB-EDITORS go through the contents and news items submitted by the reporters and finalize the material for publishing.

FREELANCE JOURNALISTS are paid for the specific news story or article provided by them.

COLUMNISTS read the reader’s queries in specific column subjects viz. humor, snippets, diary, politics, religion, sports, personalities etc and also manage to respond to the reader's queries.

COMMENTATORS are the experts of their respective fields, who are often asked to express their expert views on various issues.

MAGAZINES JOURNALISM is a periodical publication, MAINLY IN TWO AREAS – Consumer area and Business area. Magazines are published regularly may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bio-monthly, half yearly or annually. Monthly and weekly magazines have to be very alert and quick in work. The work force in the Magazine publication and their duties are almost similar as that of News Paper publishing.

WEB JOURNALISM is the perfect mix of communication, broadcasting and information technology services. It is growing as one of the largest revenue generating and employment providing industry. Below is the Job Description of various positions in Web Journalism:

CARTOGRAPHERS specialized artists in making maps and graphs for data illustration and charts.

PHOTO JOURNALISTS tell the story through the pictures. Its a blend of Photography, Creative Writing, and creativity that can make you a very good Photo Journalist.


TELEVISION industry is divided into three main areas, reporting, anchoring and production. The production team consists of:

PRODUCERS play the Key Role in Programmes from conceptualizing the idea to final making of the Programme.
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS assist the producers in all major works. Generally these are the people who actually work most, and assist the Producers.
REASEARCHERS make the programme more effective, authentic and informative. They use various methods to contribute their ideas regarding topic of Programme.
FLOOR MANAGERS liaison between the director and all those on the studio floor. The floor manager can be assistant director also.
SET DESIGNERS design and do related work for sets where programmes are shot.
COSTUME DESIGNERS make costumes of various artists as per the requirement of Programme scene.
BEAUTICIANS are an integral part of the Production system. They are to apply the make up matching as per the requirement of character and to make the artist look best on screen technically.
CAMERA TEAM consists of various camera men, placed in different directions of the sets. This is quite innovative field and requires creativity and good rapport with the director.
SOUND TECHNICIANS record the dialogues, sound effects and music in the programmes.
TRANSMISSION EXECUTIVES monitor the transmission of programmes, its best audio and video results.



Many of the jobs in television industry are common with Radio industry. Some Opportunities in Radio Industry are:
ANNOUNCERS AND NEWS CASTERS in radio and television broadcasting are the most familiar. They are experts in particular subjects like politics, sports, weather etc.
DISC JOCKEY AND VIDEO JOCKEY are experts in mixing the right music as per the occasions. They are in great demand.
RADIO JOCKEY are those announcers who interact with audience and make the radio broadcast very lively. Click Here to Read More about Radio Jockeys...


Pre production, production and post production. These professions demand patience and commitment, because they must wait for parts or filming schedules, work long hours, and a lot of travel.

FILM PRODUCERS controls the organization and finances of the film and is the ultimate authority in the film.
PRODUCTION MANAGER is responsible for the overall organization of the film and works as per the guidelines of the Producer.
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS assist in administration needed for a film such as booking hotels, air tickets, arranging time schedules, shipment of equipments etc.
RESEARCHERS play their role in production of documentaries. They search film archives for material to be used.
DIRECTORS interpret plays or scripts. They also hold audition and select cast and conduct rehearsals. They use their best ability of acting, voice and body movements.
ASSISTANT DIRECTORS assist their Directors in different areas. There can be more than one assistant director in a film. They also coordinate between the cast and crew on the sets.
LIGHTING / CAMERAMAN the cameraman handles the camera and manages the physical details of each short. Lighting man works in coordination with cameraman and assistant directors.
SOUND PROFESSIONALS work on location and in studios.
SOUND MIXER is responsible for recording the sound on location and balancing the levels to make sure they are in perspective.
BOOM HANDLERS control the microphones which are hung out of view of the camera. The position of microphones is determined by the mixer or recordist.
DUBBING MIXER: At post production stage in a sound studio, the dubbing mixture supervises the recording of additional sound, including music and some sound effects.
EDITORS work during post production mainly. The editor’s job is to position the shot, choosing the best angles and frames, after the film is shot.
ACTORS portray the character and communicate with the audience on behalf of the writer, guided by the director.
DANCERS: dancing is one of the important career in the film and television industry. They can specialize as CHOREOGRAPHERS, DANCE TEACHERS, DANCE CRITICS AND DANCE THERAPISTS.
MUSICIANS: Music is a performing art in which the musician communicate with an audience. Besides performing, they work as tutors, song writers and lyricists.




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