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The study of art prepares you for graphic design jobs. The work of a graphic artist requires creativity, imagination, curiosity and a sense of adventure. They have to make visually appealing presentations and hence they work with a variety of materials. They work with the latest materials and technological equipments. They work for long hours at a stretch and never keep fixed hours. Their employment avenues are as follows:

ADVERTISING AGENCY JOBS : Creative department of advertising agencies recruit trainee visualisers. A visualiser is responsible for the production of the layouts for the advertising campaign. The Graphic Designer creates Graphics. The creative director conceptualizes the advertisement and lets his subordinates work on it.

DESIGN HOUSES are somewhat different from both freelancing jobs as well as ad agencies. These houses are hired for production or design work.

MEDIA (PRINT / ELECTRONIC) : Fine Artists play a vital role in both print and electronic media. In electronic Media, Jobs require the ability of incorporating sound and motion into a Graphic.

GREETING CARDS MANUFACTURURES : With the rapid growth of this industry, Flash Animators, Graphic Designers are required for designing the ecards and printed greeting Cards.

WEB DESIGNER JOBS : A web page Designer does the job of designing web pages. The services of Web site Designers are required for creating flash or HTML websites. Even the design of the text is prepared by the Artist.


CARTOONISTS express critically, sarcastically, ironically and wittingly their thoughts on a subject through art. Cartooning Jobs are quite popular in media industry. Cartooning as a medium of speech pervades all age, caste, class and literacy barriers. A Cartoonist Career is rewarding in terms of popularity and Salary. More...


PHOTOGRAPHERS generally specialize in clicking portraits for media services, in house commercial brochures, magazines etc. Photography is an art, and like music and most other arts needs inherent skills as well as techniques which can be learnt from a good Photography School or College. Photographers can get employement in Photography Studios, or persue freelance Photography.

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Private Photography Studios operate in specialist areas or to serve the casual customer. Photography is specialized for sectors such as advertising, fashion, food, etc. These activities also include developing, printing, enlarging and other related works.

MEDICAL PHOTOGRAPHY is required for the specialised photographs for medical journals and books.

ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY is also called Wild Life photography. This requires an interest in wild life; sanctuaries, forests and reserves.

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY are aware of trends, fashions, styles and moods. Preparing portfolios for models is a demanding part of this area.

Apart from the above mentioned Photography Jobs, You can get into Art Photography, Aerial Photography, Child Photography, Travel Photography, Sports Photography, Fine Art Photography.




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