Want to Study Abroad ? Well, we have the information about it right here ! Many People think studying overseas is a tough Nut to crack, but its not ! Its just a misconception among many that there are a lot of legal formalities to be performed, various tests to pass in order to get admission to an institution in another country. Well, studying abroad can be made simple with a proper approach. Now, lets Start Step by Step !

Benefits of Studying Abroad:

-Qualification Value: A Degree earned from study Abroad, will give you an edge above the others in your competition.
-Job Prospects: Studying Abroad will reward you with higher pay package in the industry both locally and internationally.
-Experience: Most Study Abroad Programs offer internships and Live Projects which help you gain on-hand job experience.
-Intellectual Gain: Your experiences abroad, with friends & teachers, with local people & institutions will provide you intellectual experience and international exposure.
-Language Capability: In modern times, the more languages you know gives you additional recognition professionally.

Deciding the Course, Country and Institute:

-Meet an Advisor/Counselor: A Study Abroad Advisor can help you know what opportunities and scope for study exists in which country. For example, Australia will be a good option for Marine related Study, while Egypt will be good for Research on Desert Soil.
-Meet a Financial Aid Advisor: This person can guide you about various options for getting money for studying abroad. Financial Aid Advisor may suggest you regarding Student Loans, Sponsored Education Abroad or Scholarships by the Educational institutions.
-Talk to Yourself and Your Parents: Think on your own, that you are prepared to join certain course abroad, and know about the future prospects regarding this course. Discuss any doubts with your parents and give clarity to your thoughts.

The Process Begins...

-PASSPORT: Getting a passport made may take several weeks, so begin early. In most countries, you can apply for a passport in local post offices, municipal offices or agents. Make sure you deposit the required ID proofs, your photos, etc. If you already have a passport, check if the expiry is due. If your passport is expired or going to expire, get your passport renewed.

-VISA: This part is also time consuming, so begin early. Your Study Abroad Advisor can guide you if your destination country requires Visa or not, if yes, then what kind of Visa you would require, and what legal formalities are required. ID Proofs to be submitted should be clear and proper in order to avoid delays in Visa Processing.

-MEDICAL CHECKUP: This is an important one. Get yourself examined for any kind of infections, and get yourself vaccinated. In many cases, the Legal formalities include Medical Checkup and the Report is to be submitted along with other documents.

-INSURANCE: Get yourself insured before going abroad. The local Insurance agents will insure you. So, they will be the best people to guide you will amount of insurance and other policies and benefits. You can get insurance from any company, private or public.

-BUDGET: Calculate How Much Money you have for your Study Abroad, and then allocate the money to various divisions, like stay, food, shopping, supplies, etc. A Budgeted expenditure will help you keep a check on over-expenditure.

-STUDY ABOUT YOUR DESTINATION: Before you leave your Country, be prepared to meet cultural differences. Many Students are not able to cope with, or find in hard to adjust with an opposite culture. So, the best way is to study about the destination through travel guides, internet, etc.

-GET SET GO: Make sure you have the checklist prepared about your luggage, documents needed, institute address, phone numbers, etc. Pack your Bag, and say goodbye to your dear ones !

Most Sought after Countries for the Overseas Education are:

-US (United States of America)
-UK (United Kingdom)

Most Sought after Courses for the Abroad Study are:

-MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
-Ph.D in Various Subjects
-Medical Sciences
-Computer Sciences

Tests to be cleared for Studying Abroad (Applicable to Certain Countries Only):

-TOEFL - Click to Read Information on TOEFL

-GRE - Click to Read Information on GRE

-SAT - Click to Read Information on SAT

-GMAT - Click to Read Information on GMAT

-IELTS - Click to Read Information on IELTS

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